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Episode 6.1.1

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away The second death star has been destroyed by the rebel alliance causing an uproar among the remaining emperial army. In the aftermath the rebel aliance has disappeared into hiding leaving no trace of their existance, not even communication. Rumors have spread that they are afraid of any retaliation the empire might invoke. On the outer rim, the Hutt dynasty is at odds over the death of Jabba. Bounty hunters from around the galaxy have been call to the rim at a much higher rate then normal.

The remnants of the empire have not let the death of the emperor, or Darth Vader spread whatsoever, even among their own ranks. To keep appearances up, they have held their strangle hold on the galaxy regardless of leadership.

We pan down to see one such display of power; small one-man ships fight furiously around a disabled super star destroyer where emperil troops are firing at any vessel that fails to provide an emperial code.

Your characters, whether by design or by mistake have been caught in this furious battle…

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